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Applicants with specialized professional qualifications/ certifications in Accounting, Finance or any related area or discipline can earn CIMA® by studying fewer modules and qualifying a single exam.

The CIMA® Professional Pathway track recognizes prior knowledge, and speeds up the CIMA® program journey for applicants who hold specialist, higher-level professional diplomas, or chartered qualifications in finance, accountancy, corporate law; management accountancy; company secretaryship, cost accountancy or public accountancy and similar or related areas from nationally or internationally recognized bodies or institutions. While the standard CIMA® track has 20 modules – 10 each across two levels - and two exams; the CIMA® Professional Pathway track holds a single Professional Pathway exam, covering only 13 of the 20 standard modules. A specially lower CIMA® program fee is charged for Professional Pathway applicants.


The CIMA® pathway facility was introduced in August 2021 after considering numerous suggestions and requests from various stakeholders, customers and associates around the world to create a model that reduces duplication of efforts for applicants who already have a reliable and proven knowledge of accounting, financial markets and exposure to international business.

Professional Pathway is also offered to members of premier national and international accounting associations and professional bodies included in the CIMA® Accord network.

List of Accounting Bodies on CIMA® Accord Network

Periodically, the CIMA Institute also activates uniquely designed CIMA® tracks for college campuses for graduating students of Bachelor’s and Master’s and MBA programs. Candidates holding higher-level qualifications in CIMA® approved categories stand to earn the advantage of their prior orientation and exposure to finance and accounting to earn CIMA® qualification faster and cost-effectively.

Click this button to check if you can join a CIMA® Pathway and speed up your CIMA® program journey through exemptions. You also get to register on special fee if you qualify for a CIMA® Pathway track. Also, Pathway track candidates obtain exemptions from several modules, and have to qualify a single, special Pathway exam.

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Pathway Check

Approval Under the Pathway Program

Candidates desirous of applying for exemptions can check their eligibility for the Professional pathway track here. In fact, the CIMA® program application form automatically evaluates the prima facie Pathway eligibility when applicants fill out the CIMA® program application form. Though in some cases, an application may be referred to a especially empowered pathway committee, which analyses and responds to and approves applications within 72 hours and instructs applicants individually on the next course of action.

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