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CIMA® program is usually completed within a year by most candidates through self-study. The typical completion time is between 12 - 18 months though, with Pathway tracks candidate earning it in well within 9 - 12 months.

CIMA® Resources

The CIMA Institute provides a comprehensive study and exam preparation guide to all enrolled candidates. Also included are two mock exams on the MyCIMA candidate dashboard. Though the CIMA Institute does not provide exam preparation material or any training, independent content providers and official CIMA® educators and partners in some countries do offer self-study material for CIMA® exams on online portals. Candidates regularly receive updates and offers on their registered emails to help them choose. For more guidance and assistance, registered CIMA® program candidates can write to [email protected].

CIMA® Program Study Plan

All CIMA® program participants get detailed study guide to plan their studies for CIMA® exams. Mock exams are also available on the candidate’s dashboard. On an average, candidates on the standard route take between 200-250 hours to complete their studies of the 20 prescribed knowledge themes. Pathway applicants, however, can complete their preparation in just about half the time as their exam covers only 13 of the 20 themes. All CIMA® exams carry 150 multiple-choice questions, and timed for 4 hours each. Read the CIMA® Exams page for details.

Standard route candidates must qualify the Standard CIMA® Level 1 and Standard CIMA® Level 2 exams. Standard CIMA® exams cover 20 knowledge areas – 10 in each level. The Professional pathway candidates are required to qualify only one, unified Professional Pathway Exam covering 13 knowledge areas only.

Investment & Management Accounting - Foundational Principles & Concept Frameworks For Standard Route Applicants
(in Hours)
For Professional
Pathway Applicants
(in Hours)
CS-11 The Framework of investment & management accounting 10 to 15 25 to 30
CS-12 Business, Strategy & International Competitiveness 25 to 30 25 to 30
CS-13 Financial Management and Decision-Making in Business 25 to 30 20 to 25
CS-14 Accounting Principles & Techniques for Managers 25 to 30
CS-15 Risk Management in Business & Accounting Treatment 20 to 25 20 to 25
CS-16 Financial Statements Analysis for Managerial Accountants 25 to 30
CS-17 Cost Structuring, Product Costing & Activity Based Costing 20 to 25
CS-18 Principles & Practices in Valuation of Businesses 25 to 30
CS-19 Capital Investments and Capital Budgeting 20 to 25
CS-20 Management Accounting & Enterprise Performance Analysis 25 to 30 25 to 30
ESTIMATED STUDY EFFORT for Level 1 (in Hours) 250 - 300 125 - 150
Investment & Management Accounting - Application Principles & Practice Frameworks For Standard Route Applicants
(in Hours)
For Professional
Pathway Applicants
(in Hours)
CS-21 Analysis of International Business Environment 15 to 20 15 to 20
CS-22 Principles of International Accounting Practice 15 to 20
CS-23 Decision-making in International Finance 25 to 30 25 to 30
CS-24 International Accounting Harmonization 25 to 30 25 to 30
CS-25 International Financial Reporting Issues 25 to 30
CS-26 Forex Risk Management 25 to 30 25 to 30
CS-27 International Taxation in Managerial Accounting 25 to 30
CS-28 Transfer Pricing In Global Corporations 25 to 30 25 to 30
CS-29 Corporate Governance & Ethics in Global Organizations 25 to 30
CS-30 Technology in Global Management Accounting 25 to 30 25 to 30
ESTIMATED STUDY EFFORT for LEVEL 2 (in Hours) 250 - 300 125 - 150
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