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Top Investment Accounting Software in 2021

Top Investment Accounting Software in 2021

Investment Accounting Software is one of the software that is used by fund and investment professionals and Managers. Before we get to the software, let's discuss investment first. To keep things simple, it is possible to refer every investment you make as financial assets, which you can claim or earn a profit from the stake it holds in shares, bonds, or even property.

The software designed to help with investment accounting will let you handle all accounting procedures easily and generate income through your investment. There are also additional options like trading security or equity method and available for sale, which allow users to manage multiple kinds of accounting simultaneously.

The accounting for investments can be more complex than you imagine, and this is why professionals utilize these advanced accounting tools to keep precise financial records and track performance. Additionally, Investment Accounting Softwares come with reporting tools to give you greater control over your investment profits or losses.

For the management of portfolios, accounting software has proven to be beneficial. The capacity to enhance what you can do with your investment banking makes it a perfect option if you wish to become a major player in this field.

Why Use Investment Accounting Software?

If you're wondering why we should utilize accounting software to manage our investment, this article will be able to answer all of your concerns. Reducing time and avoiding mistakes are two of the main benefits of ideal accounting software. In addition, when you utilize the most modern software for accounting, you will reduce the manual input of data and transactions to improve efficiency to an enormous degree.

With a wide range of reports, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and financial statements in general and reports, you'll find yourself on the correct path. They can aid in making better choices as well.

Top Investment Accounting Software In 2021

Here, we will discuss the top investment accounting software you'll come across in the present market. It could be a challenging decision, but when you're planning to start with investment intent financial software, you must be aware of some factors to consider.

It is important to determine if the software can track your portfolio's investments, deal with various types of accounting techniques, and aid in investment portfolio management. Read this article, and we'll help you in making the correct decision.

1. Asset Accounting

If we are talking about investment accounting softwares, it is one of the top-rated software available. Flexibility and control are the USP’s of this excellent software.

It is a popular choice for investment & management accounting firms that use this program due to its stability and strong performance. Additionally, it will work for any business and be able to work with almost every requirement. This is why they began their journey in 2006 and have established themselves as an effective player in the competitive market.

Assetic Account Reviews 2021

  • This software will allow you to have transparency in your investment process. Portfolio management for assets becomes simple after you get started using this.
  • It is possible to connect Assetic to your company to a point where you can gain deeper insights and get more detailed data.
  • Professionals can benefit from the benefits of financial reports to boost efficiency. It helps organizations manage compliance as well.
  • It can be used with a variety of accounting techniques that make it an excellent option. Additionally, you'll enjoy a smooth experience while verifying data using Assetic Assets. Assetic Assets application.
  • It has built-in assets transactions functions that make sure the system is secure and protected from hackers.
  • In addition, features such as life-cycle management periodic revaluations and integration with finance can take you to the following level in component level accounting.

2. Backstop Solutions Suite

This software can virtually solve almost all problems institutional allocators may face in their entire lifetime. With it’s easy-to-use CRM/RMS the backstop solutions suite started to get a lot of attention right away. They have excellent client service and support teams that can be your brilliant partner who enable you to streamline due diligence. This will enable you to monitor the performance of your portfolio effectively.

Backstop Solutions Suite Reviews 2021

  • They've consistently invested in improving the quality of their products that you can observe in Solutions Suite's functionality and features.
  • It is part of their latest service called IntellX, which makes the gathering of documents easy. It is possible to access any document and more.
  • The software is designed to make time-consuming tasks enjoyable and enable users to concentrate on the process for quick and simple access.
  • There's everything you'll need for a successful day-to-day operation. Alongside, a solid security program is available which takes the security of the client seriously.
  • Helps you make the best decisions based on data gathered from its comprehensive solutions for data integration.
  • But, it provides a complete solution for investors and comes with tools for research optimization and a portal for investors on the web, and collaboration tools.


AXYS is a great option if you’re looking for accounting softwares designed for investment tracking.

Unlike any other software on this list, it takes a more modern approach to automate portfolio reporting and accounting.

Additionally, with the help of a turnkey system, you'll need only minimal support from IT. This will allow you to concentrate on relationship-based businesses for a more efficient way to manage wealth. If you're an asset-management professional, it is an instrument that you might be interested in looking into.

AXYS Reviews 2021

  • It has GIPS-certified performance measurement as well as be able to use this program for taxation.
  • With its advanced reporting capabilities and automated trade data reconciliation, AXYS will be a perfect choice for any financial institution.
  • If you also want to know more about the effectiveness of the key indicators and then take appropriate actions accordingly, then AXYS can be the best alternative for you.
  • This program supports a vast range of securities. Additionally, you can deal with fixed income and cash equities by using its helpful options.
  • Users can organize several reports, graphs, and other objects onto one page. To ensure that it is ready for the report's presentation, users can alter the report in any way.
  • It comes with a multi-currency capability where you can calculate global withholding tax and corporate records processing.

4. Artifex

This is one of the distinctive softwares on this list. It provides an automated solution for the reconciliation of investment portfolios and this is what makes it different from its competitors. Designed to set you free from manual data entry and pay attention to the more important topics - It is literally the only solution for reconciliation, and you will discover almost every feature you need for accounting management while using this accounting software. You can save a lot of time using this software and eliminate errors.

Artifex Reviews 2021

  • The principal purpose of this program is to streamline investment banking and decrease the dependence on labor-intensive tasks.
  • It is possible to enjoy easy and easy workflows. The software will also let users capture information, reconcile and convert financial details in one glance.
  • It allows you to examine financial data in any form, like PDF statements, investment portals, and feeds from banks for reasons of investment accounting.
  • It gives you complete power over your system, and you will be able to examine, validate, alter, or modify any data item as per your requirements.
  • After the data collected is scrutinized After reviewing the data, you will be guided step by step to have the documents be used for the tax filing and compliance completed.
  • Affirmed by numerous top firms, you should look at its capabilities to learn more about its automated processes and reports.

5. Broadridge Investment Accounting

We will conclude this list with another excellent investment accounting software that you can certainly treat as a reliable partner. This software renders complete, accurate, and timely information to boost the growth of your business and financial gains.

With a wide range of support for visualization and presentation, you'll be able to prepare a ready-for-presentation report straight from the application that can help to cut down on time for you. In addition, the efficiency is undeniable. More than $1.7T transactions have been handled through their platform.

Broadridge Investment Accounting Reviews

  • With over 15 years of experience in accounting, This software could be considered one of your most valuable team members.
  • This software can help you get full control of your financial records and increase efficiency to a large extent.
  • You'll be glad to know that the program will help you stay on track to adjust to the new regulations and compliance as quickly as possible.
  • It is equipped with an exclusive Investment Operations Platform, and you can track your metrics using your independent record of records. '
  • The top supplier of investor communications developed it. Additionally, you can take advantage of analytics and reports to gain greater insight.
  • Alongside, several useful functions include the management of cash and accounting and managed services delivery, Custodial integration and integration with market information, and many more.


When looking for accounting software as an investor, you should consider cost, scalability, ease of use, reputation, and accounting features. Reputation should be a key consideration because the longer a company has been around, the more likely it is that any technological glitches have been resolved, ensuring that a company's important financial information will be reported accurately. Scalability should be the next most important consideration because as a company grows, its accounting needs also grow, and transferring financial information to new software can be tedious. Finally, ease of use and collaboration for business owners, employees, and accountants should be considered because all users need to be able to access and review the financials simultaneously.

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