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Thank you for choosing CIMA® - trusted as the most complete qualification in investment & management accounting today. Before you start your application, it might help you to know the following:


You can apply for the CIMA® program only here - online. There is no other mode.


Do remember that you can apply either through the Standard route, or through the Professional Pathway, that makes your CIMA® program journey faster. You will start application by choosing registration/ candidacy track. If you are a new applicant for CIMA®, you can register in CIMA® Level 1 or the Professional Pathway. CIMA® Level 2 is only available to the returning candidates who have passed their CIMA® Level 1 exam.


Your personalized myCIMA account will be automatically created after the first few steps of this application. Information of applicants based outside of the United States may be shared with, and held in our office(s) in the region you are located.


You will take around 10-15 minutes to complete your application, though you can do it in multiple sittings too. The application auto-saves your information and you can return to it any time later after logging into your myCIMA account.


You do not require to submit any documents right now. You will be asked to upload them on your myCIMA dashboard later, after you have completed your registration successfully and started the CIMA® program.


Once you complete and submit your CIMA® program application, you will receive an acknowledgement message and email from us. Your registration decision will be released on your dashboard within 72 hours of when we receive your completed application. If your application is approved, you will receive a registration offer.


Your registration in the CIMA® program will complete only after you accept this offer on your myCIMA dashboard, and pay the required fee. For applicants completing their registration after August 20, 2021, candidate services like exam scheduling and mock exams will commence from December 15, 2021, once the upgraded myCIMA dashboard is commissioned. However, latest copies of essential resources like candidate and study guides will be duly available. Candidates registered before August 20, 2021 will continue receiving their services and support as they have been.


You may take your online CIMA® exam(s) any time 90 days after the date of registration confirmation, and choose dates within the next 360 days. If your country qualifies for offline, pen-and-paper exams, please check your myCIMA dashboard for information on exam dates and venues. All CIMA® exam can be scheduled them in advance from your myCIMA dashboard.

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