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The CIMA® governing council is accountable for maintaining the integrity, quality and rigor of the CIMA® credentialing system, and controls the policies and mechanisms of developing and propagating the CIMA® qualification and the Investment & Management Accounting body of knowledge around the world.

Governance Principles - The Triad

Governance of the CIMA Institute is directed entirely toward ascertaining “Continuous advancement, enrichment and growth of the body of knowledge, science, practice and profession of investment & management accounting through design, operation and assurance of ethical, rigorous, standards-backed and industry-aligned qualification and credentialing mechanism in investment & management accounting”

Through its committees and expert groups, the CGC ensures that the CIMA® body of knowledge and qualification stay constantly aligned to the needs and voices of the players, markets and stakeholders of accounting and business. The triad of principles guides CIMA® governance at all times:

Governance Principles - The Triad
  • Primacy to Research, Knowledge & Rigor
    Always serve in accordance to the needs of knowledge requirements and ethical assessment of proficiencies of investment & management accountants.

  • Accountability to the Profession
    The primary allegiance of all governance elements shall always be to the sacrosanct virtue of accountability to the profession and function of investment & management accounting.

  • Integrity in Governance
    Individuals assigned on governance responsibilities will always avoid extraneous pressures or biases from breaching the high standards of governance and ethics.

CIMA® Governance Council

Led by the 9-member CIMA® Governance Council (CGC), the five executive arms (the CIMA® committees) directly manage design, development, research and operationalization of body of knowledge, exam-items and assessment mechanisms, in addition to aspects related to membership.

The CGC is mandated for regulating the entire set of mechanisms influencing the CIMA® credentialing and qualification-award policies, procedures and practices. Advised directly by the CIMA® committees, - the 9 members of the CGC have a term of 4 years each. The CIMA® committees have been provisioned for 25 members, split equally among the five of them, one each for control of CIMA® standards, CIMA® credentialing process, CIMA® examinations, CIMA® qualification and CIMA® professional membership. The committees, in turn, are served by five independent expert groups.. All new developments, changes in policies etc., are executed after a vote in the CGC conventions, and members of the CGC, the CIMA® boards and the CIMA® committees have the power to vote.

CIMA® Committees & Groups

Usually, CIMA®-qualified senior professionals volunteer to serve in the CIMA® committees, and CIMA® expert groups, guided by their specific passions, skills and contribution preference. Members of committees and expert groups have two-year terms. Openings for all members are generally first announced among CIMA® charter-holders in the third quarter of a year, and appointments conclude by the first quarter of the next year. Appointments to these seats are highly competitive and usually are awarded to CIMA® professional members meeting certain criteria on qualification and professional experience. To learn more about the application and nomination process, please Contact Us.

  • CIMA® Committees

    The five CIMA® committees are mandated to have a maximum of 5 members each. While the committees have their respective internal meets once a month, the quarterly CIMA® conventions give them opportunity to integrate their efforts and initiatives and get their suggestions on the execution track after approval of attendant CGC resolutions. The CGC is directly advised by the CIMA® committees on Standards Control; Credentialing Control; Examinations Control; Qualification Control and Membership Control.

  • CIMA® Expert & Working Groups

    The five CIMA® groups are mandated to create and manage the policy framework in five critical dimensions - Professional Conduct & Ethics; Research Advisory; Candidacy Approval; Ombudsman & Appeals and Disclosures & Transparency. In addition, the groups also assume responsibilities of Partnership Management; Institutional Recognition; External Outreach; Event Management and Content & Publishing Control Each group is permitted to be served by 7-9 volunteer members. The expert and working groups present their outcomes and suggestions etc., to relevant committees and obtain approvals. The expert groups generally meet once and month and participate in quarterly CGC conventions.

  • The CGC, CIMA® committees and CIMA® expert groups share updates among themselves through their internal newsletters. If you wish to volunteer in any of the CIMA® executive arms, connect with us from here .

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