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Transforming Accounting For the Interconnected Economy

Businesses demand accurate and near prophetic financial intelligence to survive and grow in today's interconnected world. At American Council of Professional Accountants, we're transforming accounting into a profession, practice and discipline that transcends the statutory and regulatory realms and enjoins organizational leadership to fuel its strategic pursuits.

At ACPA, we seek to advance and deepen the discipline of accounting by carving out new super-specializations and blending them to create powerfully eclectic qualifications that give shining new edges to the profession and discipline of accounting.

One of our most seminal achievements at the American Council of Professional Accountants, for instance, has been the development of an eclectic knowledge body in investment & management accounting, and the advanced CIMA qualification - Chartered Investment & Management Accountant. The rapid global rise of CIMA® as a qualification of choice for ambitious finance and accounting professionals and aspirants has also made us popular as the CIMA Institute in the community.

Nurturing a Superior New Class of Multi-Specialized Accountants

For more than a decade now, the CIMA Institute, for instance has spearhead the ACPA mandate of innovating the accounting profession.

Through the Chartered Investment & Management Accounting qualification, the CIMA Institute has established the combination of management accounting and investment accounting into a finely blended professional super-specialization for ambitious accountants. As an apex global qualification that defines intellectual, knowledge and skill parameters essential for excelling in the practice of investment & management accounting - both at the same time, CIMA® opens up multiple career gateways for its proud holders. At another level, CIMA® also serves as an invaluable top-up qualification for aspiring accountants graduating out of universities.

Vitalizing the Fountainhead of Financial Intelligence

Increasing globalization of businesses, supply chains, technology and organizational interdependence has made financial intelligence the critical input for organizational decisions that impact survival and growth. Through ground-breaking qualifications like CIMA, ACPA is developing highly specialized accounting knowledge frameworks that micro-focus on specific strategic financial intelligence needs of organizations in strategic business functions. CIMA® meets the rising need of a rapidly globalizing world to have multi-specialized accountants who can capture, assemble and analyze extraneous and internal financial data and supply critical financial intelligence to help organizations model the future, safeguard a global company’s integrity, and plan for business sustainability. Today, we reach out across 90 countries, recognizing the potential of leading universities and professional bodies in promoting academic and professional excellence in investment & management accounting.

Establishing Powerful Eclectic Qualifications

Shortly after its founding in 2010, the American Council of Professional Accountants (earlier known as American Council of Management Accounting) sharpened its focus on evolving eclectic accounting qualifications that blended multiple sub-fields of accounting, treating them as super-specializations. CIMA® is one such qualification offering dual-specialization of investment & management accounting for professional accountants, introduced under the CIMA® charter of ACPA. The experiences and knowledge of dozens of accomplished professionals and researchers in modern management accounting, investment accounting, international finance, global trade, currency risk management, and international accounting were deployed to perfect the CIMA® body of knowledge and qualification framework, and establish CIMA® as a distinctive professional credential and designation. The rise in popularity of CIMA® encouraged us to adopt CIMA Institute as our name in 2020 to resonate better within the investment & management accounting profession.

Our Vision & Mission

We envision equipping professional accountants, finance professionals as well as managers and leaders - regardless of their functional or sectoral specialization - with knowledge and skills in multiple areas of accounting including investment & management accounting, to empower them with the ability to take informed, effective decisions of continuity and growth in a challenging, uncertain global environment. We are committed to achieving this vision by continuing to research, develop, test and propagate the latest industry and business-relevant models, standards, knowledge-body and by spearheading every new change in this important discipline.

We are steadfast on our mission to stay as the most reliable and credible knowledge, standards, services, solutions and qualification provider in advanced and emerging areas of accounting like investment & management accounting for professionals, students, educators and employers around the world, and position CIMA® designation as the de-facto global gold standard in the investment & management accounting discipline.

Our Values

Our value system accords equal importance to the need to innovate, stay connected to industry and environment all the time, and promote consciousness of national and regional business and accounting needs and regulations, even as we continue to nurture universal standards in advanced new areas and specializations of accounting like investment & management accounting - new sub-disciplines that address the requirement of organizations to succeed by balancing their growth needs with the essentials of ethics, responsibility and sovereignty.


Our Governance

Led by a council composed of eminent professionals, the CIMA Institute functions through independently empowered committees and expert groups looking after internal management, profession research; knowledge development; exams design and qualification control.

Composed of senior professionals, leaders, researchers and academic experts representing a host of industries and sectors around the world, our teams and groups work coherently to ensure that all APCA qualifications including CIMA® continue being industry-leading designations, providing to the business community and its leaders the knowledge and qualification support they need to keep improving the quality, effectiveness and impact of decision-making.

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CIMA® Code of Ethical Professional Practice

The worldwide CIMA® community is known for its commitment to ethical and responsible practice of investment & management accounting. CIMA® designation holders adhere to the values and standards that guide the growth of their profession globally.

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