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The CIMA® Charter

The charter from the CIMA Institute, is the world’s most distinctive professional designation for finance & accounting professionals today. CIMA® paves tracks for leadership roles in fluid and dynamic business environments accentuated by diversity and multiplicity of markets, currencies and regulatory-regimes. Twinning two powerful super-specializations in the advanced areas of investment & management accounting, CIMA® is a top choice of professionals preparing for diverse and exciting careers with global investment banks, hedge funds, asset, wealth management, audit and consulting firms, as well as leading business corporations and multinational organizations.

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The CIMA® Charter

What is the CIMA® Charter?

The CIMA® charter is the qualification, credential, and designation that individuals meeting the CIMA® candidacy requirements earn after qualifying the CIMA® exam(s) prescribed for validating knowledge of concepts, principles, techniques and best-practices as specified in CIMA® body of knowledge on investment & management accounting.

The CIMA® charter stands for the CIMA Institute’s commitment to advancing the investment & management accounting discipline and profession. It spells out the core principles of ethics, standards and credentialing integrity that the CIMA Institute follows to enable professionals around the world develop the right base of knowledge, skills, and competencies in investment & management accounting.

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant
How Does One Become A CIMA® Charter-Holder?

How Does One Become A CIMA® Charter-Holder?

Individuals holding a Bachelor's degree, or studying in the final year of their Bachelor's degree programs at the time of application from any nationally/ globally recognized institution or university are considered for CIMA® Level 1 under the 2-Level CIMA® Standard track. Qualifying 4-hour online exams of both CIMA® Levels earns candidates their CIMA® credential and designation. MBA and MS students of accounting and finance of CIMA® Recognized Business Schools can also apply for the CIMA® Standard track on special fee.

Individuals having a professional certification in accounting or related areas from national or global accounting certification bodies, or holders of MBA or MS degrees in finance or accounting can register via the accelerated, 4-hour, single-exam CIMA® Professional Pathway. The Professional Pathway exam covers 13 CIMA® knowledge areas, whereas the CIMA® Standard track exams cover all 20 CIMA® knowledge areas. Professional work-experience is not a mandatory requirement for registering in the CIMA® program.

CIMA® Charter Mean For Professionals

What Does the CIMA® Charter Mean For Professionals?

The CIMA® journey develops professionals, managers and leaders into exemplars of practice in investment & management accounting. The CIMA® charter is an assurance to the industry of a proven flair, readiness, and potential for excelling across diverse roles. CIMA® charter-holders directly impact enterprise performance, success, growth, expansion, competitiveness and value. CIMA® is a proof of readiness for the challenges of diverse markets; complex investment climates; globalized supply chains; diverse tax-regimes and fluctuating currencies.

What Does The CIMA® Charter Mean For Business?

For globalized industries and enterprises, the CIMA® charter is a regimen for developing professional and leadership competencies in managing their present and future through insightful deployment of business, market, financial and industry data and information. The CIMA® body of knowledge in investment & management accounting provides knowledge and skills benchmarks to business leaders and managers. CIMA® charter-holders promise global organizations a significant improvement in decision-making quality, speed and impact through improved financial intelligence.


For Careers in Global Organizations

CIMA® charter-holders make the finest career starts and find the fastest and clearest tracks for roles such as CFO, Finance Controller, Fund Managers, Investment Heads, Portfolio Heads, and Treasury Chief among others. CIMA® is the most complete accounting qualification today that demonstrates readiness for driving up enterprise value, accelerating growth, strengthening competitiveness, managing business risks, and optimizing corporate governance in global organizations through their twin expertise in super-specialized areas of Investment & management accounting in global organizations.

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The Power of Two Specializations in One Qualification

Specializing in the investment & management accounting combination powers your professional attractiveness for boards and CXOs of organizations that seek to address challenges and opportunities impacting value for customers, investors, and stakeholders at the same time. While the investment accounting specialization puts you in a rarified league of professionals – with expertise in monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and accounting the performance of investments made by organizations in a complex mesh of multiple national markets, regulatory environments, and tax regimes; the management accounting specialization equips you for directly impacting growth, profits, and competitiveness of organizations;


The CIMA® Charter

Chartered Investment & Management Accountant

No Accountant is Complete Without CIMA®

Unbeatably powerful in its coverage of investment & management accounting, CIMA® is truly exclusive as a qualification. CIMA® charter-holders are trusted worldwide for their promise and potential for teaming up with top management in driving up enterprise value, accelerating growth, strengthening competitiveness, managing business risks, and optimizing corporate governance in global conglomerates, investment banks, top asset and wealth management firms and accounting KPOs among others.

CIMA® transforms accounting professionals into a critical financial and strategic intellect for organizations that need well-informed and insightful financial and accounting expertise to drive business success and optimize value of their investments. Dunked deep into waves of internationalism and digital technologies, organizations cannot remain blind-sighted to the influence of accurate accounting information on their financial and strategic wisdom.

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Chartered Investment & Management Accountant
CIMA® Stays With You Through Your Career

Valid for Life

Your CIMA® Stays With You Through Your Career

The CIMA® qualification and credential never expires! You can also continue to use the CIMA® designation against your name lifelong by ensuring that your CIMA® membership is maintained. Your CIMA® qualification and designation stays in good standing on its own during the first two years after the award. The third year onward, CIMA® charter-holders need to pay the CIMA® membership fee and attend an online CIMA® Review Webinar once every year. The Review Webinar features expert-talks and presentations on the latest on regulations, trends, best practices, and emerging techniques in various dimensions of investment & management accounting.

CIMA® Charter Program

20 Knowledge Areas

Complete Investment & Management Accounting

The CIMA® program establishes investment & management accounting as a unique dual specialization and readiness for generating critical financial intelligence to monitor, manage and grow their business, investment assets, and portfolios. Besides business strategy, investment, valuation, currency management, and enterprise performance management, the CIMA® program also accords attention to data science, artificial intelligence and blockchain uses in accounting. Divided into 20 knowledge areas, the core of CIMA® includes concepts, frameworks, and techniques in addition to themes on critical investment and managerial decision areas.


CIMA® membership is only and exclusively reserved for individuals who have already earned their CIMA® charter qualification. CIMA® Associate membership is granted immediately at the time of award of the CIMA® charter, and converts into a full CIMA® Professional Membership after two years for charter-holders who meet and complete the membership continuance norms.. CIMA® membership benefits include free access to CIMA® review webinars, myCIMA dashboard account for life with resources on career, training, and jobs, and subscriptions to exclusive, members-only publications.

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CIMA Membership Card

Earn the CIMA® Charter Faster!

If you have a professional certification in finance or accounting or related areas from national or global accounting certification bodies listed in the CIMA® Preferred Accounting Associations List or are a holder of MBA or MS degrees in finance or accounting, you can speed up your CIMA® program journey, and reduce your exam-preparation efforts through registering under CIMA® Professional Pathway, in which you just take one, unified exam.

  • CIMA® Candidate Guide 2021-22

    CIMA® Candidate Guide

    Meant exclusively for individuals registered for the CIMA® program. The CIMA® Candidate Guide contains detailed information on all the processes, policies and guidelines in force that candidates and members must necessarily know. The Candidate Guide informs on CIMA® exams, study planning, CIMA® Charter continuation and CIMA® membership, besides tables and notes on coverage, learning-topics and knowledge specifications.

  • CIMA® Body of Knowledge

    The CIMA® Body of Knowledge (BoK) is an exclusive resource for registered CIMA® program candidates and CIMA® members. The first ever resource on standards of knowledge and skills in investment & management accounting, the CIMA® BoK defines specifically the areas and topics of Investment & management accounting are required to develop knowledge and skills, and prescribes the knowledge levels in each of these areas.

    CIMA® Body of Knowledge
  • CIMA® Quarterly

    The CIMA® Monitor

    The CIMA® Monitor is a one-of-its kind update on trends, advances and best practices in investment & management accounting worldwide. Exclusively published for registered CIMA® program candidates and CIMA® members, the Monitor is a 360-degree view of the state of accounting in the world today, and features essays, articles and cases written by experts from global accounting & finance community.

  • The Global Report

    Published annually, The Global Report is the only journal dedicated to monitoring and analyzing the emerging sciences, tools, techniques and standards in various areas and functions of investment & management accounting. The Global Report is for CIMA® members and registered CIMA® program candidates, and features articles, insights, analysis and studies authored by research scholars, professors, consulting experts and accounting practice leaders.

    CIMA® Global Report 2021
  • CIMA® Insights 2021


    Insights is a very special annual publication, exclusively meant for CIMA® members and registered CIMA® program candidates. Featuring insightful stories, examples and cases on best practices in investment & management accounting from different parts of the world, Insights is put together by a high-power team of research scholars, professors, consulting experts and practice leaders from the investment & management accounting community.

Count on CIMA®

  • 70,000+ New Positions

    Open globally for accountants specializing in advanced accounting domains

  • US$ 140,000

    Average annual compensation for professionals with advanced accounting qualifications

  • 160,000+ New Jobs

    Will be created by 2024 in investment and management accounting areas

  • US$ 102,000

    The median annual salary for management and investment accountants in international companies in 2020

  • Up to 35%

    More compensation is earned by accountants certified in specialized accounting domains than their non-certified peers

  • 23%

    Worldwide growth in demand for investment & management accounting jobs by 2028

  • US$ 135,000

    Average annual compensation for accounting professionals qualified in investment & management accounting

  • US$ 4.25 billion

    Worldwide Cloud Accounting Services market by 2028

Disclaimer: Analysis of leading national and global surveys and research studies on accounting jobs, salaries and markets by the CIMA Institute. Includes the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS); Morgan Stanley, Robert Walter’s Group and PayScale among others.

The CIMA® List of Academic Institutions with the Potential to Become Education Benchmarks in Investment & Management Accounting.

CIMA Institute's Recognized B-Schools List

For Academic Institutions of Promise & Impact

The CIMA® Recognized B-Schools List is a CIMA Institute initiative to acknowledge the potential of institutions for academic excellence in investment & management accounting. More than 250 nationally and internationally known institutions including universities, business schools, and specialist finance and accounting colleges are currently listed on the CIMA® Recognized B-Schools List today, and the list continues to grow.

Master’s and MBA students and alumni of institutions on the CIMA® Recognized B-Schools List are offered exclusive privileges including a special CIMA® fee when registering in CIMA® Standard track. Also, institutions on the CIMA® Recognized B-Schools List are pre-approved for academic affiliation with CIMA® and can readily offer programs with CIMA®-aligned curricula to their students and alumni.

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CIMA Institute's Preferred Accounting Associations Listing

For Professional Bodies and Associations

The CIMA® Preferred Accounting Associations List recognizes potential for promoting investment & management accounting into an independent business function, profession and practice among global organizations.

A special committee selects professional bodies for inclusion in the CIMA® Preferred Accounting Associations List, with no application required to be made. Individuals holding professional certifications/ qualifications in accounting or finance from these professional bodies and associations are offered to register in CIMA® along the fast-track CIMA® Professional Pathway.

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CIMA® is one the most valuable and powerful qualification in investment & management accounting today! It takes only a few minutes to apply for the CIMA® program and just a few months to complete it. Earn the pride of belonging to the league of the best!

The CIMA Institute/ American Council of Professional Accountants is an independent, legally incorporated entity owning the unique Chartered Investment & Management Accountant (CIMA®) designation/ qualification and is not associated with in any capacity, at any level, and in any country with any another certification agency, association, standards body or organization - including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Association of International Certified Professional Accountants, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, or the Investments and Wealth Institute.

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